When I was diagnosed with cancer and learned that chemotherapy is needed and a bone marrow transplant very possible, I was searching the internet for information. I have noticed that there is a lack of information on how to go through and regenerate after chemotherapy.

In this post I will deal with how to go through the chemo.

Chemotherapy is given in cycles – for me it was 8 cycles in 3 weeks intervals. I was given the drug combination called R-CHOP. I received drugs in the form of a drips. In addition, in the form of tablets I used steroids and other medicines.

During treatment, the body’s immunity drops dramatically. A common cold can be life threatening. That’s why I spent a few months of treatment partly in hospital and partly literally closed in home. A maximum of one healthy person could visit me at a time. The risk of infection had to be reduced to a minimum. For the same reason, I couldn’t eat raw fruit and vegetables.

Usually, the first 2-3 cycles are the worst. After the firs one I got terrible stomach aches (so strong that I ended up in the Hospital Emergency Department). I began to feel flavors on a different way. After eating something sour, I had the impression that my salivary glands explode. I was very, very, veeeery tired and sleepy. However, I did not vomit or have nausea. Chemotherapy is designed to kill fast-growing cancer cells. Unfortunately, it also affects other rapidly dividing cells such as these in hair and nails. After second cycle I lost my hair. To be honest, this is one of the hardest moments. But hey, when the hair begins to grow back you can test all the hairstyles for which you lacked courage before. Condition of my teeth got worst, too. Chemotherapy also has a very negative effect on the intestinal flora. I still had a problem with my intestines one year after the treatment.

I have had trouble concentrating, I have forgot the simplest things and words, it was hard for me to count the simplest amounts. It is very frightening but don’t worry, it goes away with time. I have also had a problem with waking up in the morning. It took a long time before I came to consciousness.

So how to survive chemotherapy?

– take a rest. If you are too weak to watch TV (yes, it is possible) try listening to music or an audiobook.

– avoid infections – take medicine prescribed by your doctor, do not meet with a large number of people, if possible do not go to the store and ask someone for the grocery shopping, if you already have to go out wear a face mask. Washing vegetables and fruits is not enough, eat only food after heat treatment.

– Eat rationally – try to provide the body with all the necessary nutrients.
If you suffer from lack of appetite eat smaller portions more often. Eat soups because they are nutritious and easy to eat. You can also try out liquid medical nutrition. Remember however to drink it very slowly.

– consider natural supplements – it is crucial to drink a lot of water. If your doctor agrees you can use supportively ashwagandha, pickled beetroot juice, curcuma, vitamin C, propolis etc.

– daily care – remember that your body is now more sensitive, try to use natural cosmetics, moisturize the skin.

– don’t forget about your mind – set a goal, remember that this disease is just a stage in your life, if you can do yoga, meditate, read books, make yourself small gifts and pleasures.

– stay in touch with friends – write, call, make video conferences, or simply sign up to the online support forum or find on Facebook a group of people with similar interests.

– Have a daily routine – find a goal for which it is worth getting up from the bed every day.

– Don’t give up – remember that your thoughts do have impact on how you feel ( T. Harv Eker in his book The Millionaire Mind writes that Your inner world reflects Your outer world). Be positive. It is hard but not impossible. Your approach has a big impact on the treatment effects.

http://genperial.com/recoveryafterchemo/ – check it to find out how to regenerate after chemo.

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