Hair loss after cancer treatment

I only cried twice during my illness. One of them was because of hair loss after cancer treatment.

I’ve always had very long hair. Immediately after the first chemotherapy, I cut them short. I thought they wouldn’t fall out then. I was wrong. A few days later, I started to notice a lot of hair on the pillow. I combed less often because the sight of the entire stripe of hair on the brush terrified me. Some time later, I gently put my hand in my hair. A whole handful of them stayed in my fist. I touched my head once again. Another handful of hair was left in my hand and a bald area was exposed on my head.

Up to this point, I still believed my hair would not fall out. At that moment I realized that the doctor was telling the truth and there was no turning back. I went to the bathroom and shaved the rest of my head, crying. When I woke up the next day, I had no hair left. I have never had such smooth legs as in the next 8 months.

Ok, I was already bald. What’s next? What were my options?

Exposure of a bald head.

Some girls look beautiful without their hair, but unfortunately, I wasn’t one of them. The disease, as I was diagnosed very late, devastated my body. I had very irritated and dry skin, I couldn’t make makeup because of it. The eyelashes and eyebrows thinned a lot. It wasn’t looking good. Therefore, I rejected the option of exposing a bald head.

Wearing turbans.

Another option was to wear a turban. It totally suited me. Additionally, turbans were very fashionable at that time. Therefore, I followed this trend for several months. Turbans were made by my friend Kasia, who runs a children’s clothes store. Kasia sews turbans to size, in any color. She also selects the material according to the season. If any of you is looking for this fashionable accessory, I recommend visiting Kasia’s profile.


The third option which I really wanted was a wig. In Poland, wigs made of natural hair are reimbursed by the National Health Fund up to a small limit – only PLN 250. However, their price is exceptionally high (several thousand PLN).

Fortunately, in Poland we have Rak’n’Roll Foundation which offer wigs for free for oncology patients. I was happy to receive a wig for free. Find out if you have any similar foundation in your country. If you want to get some information about Rak’n’Roll Foundation, please waist following site:

I know how big issue it is to lose hair. For both women and men. I have met many women for whom the wig was a kind of refuge. Thanks to it they gained a sense of security, they felt beautiful again. No one who has not been in a similar situation knows how stressful it is to lose hair, especially for a young girl.

Therefore, please remember that when you decide to cut long hair, you can donate them to some foundation in order to create a wig. It will not cost you anything and, at the same time, it will be a priceless gift for someone who struggle with hair loss after cancer treatment.

I also encourage all people, who beat cancer and have a wig in good condition, to pass it to another person in need. – here you will find tips on how to regenerate after chemotherapy.



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