Hi, my name is Ula, I am 29 years old and I come from Cracow in Poland. As some of you may know, in May 2018 I was diagnosed with aggressive cancer. DLBCL – Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. Currently I am in remission. The fight was long and difficult but I didn’t gave up. Fortunately, my family, friends and beloved boyfriend fought with me.

I’ve decided to recover quickly because the world is too beautiful to lie sick. So here I am enjoying life. Reborn December 4, 2018.

I aim high and dream boldly. I love travel, sea and food. My next goal is to live in Geneva. My dream is to spread awareness about cancer prevention. Currently I work on creating my own brand #reborn. While the brand is addressed to everyone, I want to dedicate it to all people who managed to beat cancer.

Since I defeated cancer, I enjoy every moment, spend time with my loved ones, and appreciate the little wonders of everyday life. For instance, I celebrate my birthday twice a year – once a day when I was born and the second on day when I found out I was healthy. I celebrate even the smallest successes and try to learn a lesson from failures. If you want to follow my life after #reborn I invite you to my Instagram

Firstly, Cancer gave me a lesson in humility. Secondly, It taught me courage, patience and perseverance. Lastly, and most importantly it made me believe that everything is possible.

So why did I decide to create this page? When I was sick, I was looking for tips on how to survive the disease. The doctors were doing their job, but I was wondering what I could do. I couldn’t find any guide that would answer my questions. Therefore, now I’d like to share the tips from my own experience. I would also like to invite guests to share their stories.

I believe that not only sick people will benefit from this website. Also people with other problems and worries will find inspiration and motivation here.

I founded Genperial with a mission to give others a taste of what goes on in my mind, inspire and to raise awareness about lymphoma.

Take some time to explore the blog, read something interesting, and feel free to reach out if you would like to collaborate on a project together.

Remember you are not alone in this. Get well soon because #rebornteam is waiting for you.

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