Recovery after chemotherapy

OK, you finished the treatment and what’s next? after 8 cycles of chemotherapy I had a PET-CT scan which showed that I was healthy. I mean, technically I’m in remission but I consider myself healthy. They say a positive attitude is half the battle, but I think it’s even more. After receiving positive results I was very, very, very happy but a few days later I started wondering what to do next. Therefore, in this post I will focus on recovery after chemotherapy.

Physical health

Take care of your physical health. The therapy has ended, but chemo has caused a lot of negative effects in your body.

First, after consulting a doctor, I did a number of tests. I went to a cardiologist, pulmonologist, gynecologist, endocrinologist, dentist. I also did bone density tests – densitometry. Chemo has a very devastating effect on our body, so you need to examine the state of your organs, hormones and bones. A thorough examination was the first step. The second was visiting a physiotherapist. I learned what exercises I can do after surgery. My aim was to strengthen my body but not to overload it. I also went to a dermatologist because I had very sensitive skin and wanted to learn how to take care of it. Now I use only natural cosmetics. I will tell you more about it in a separate post.

I also took care of my diet. Not only of what I ate, but also about the appropriate caloric value. The body needs the right amount of energy to fight the effects of the disease. I took care about going to bed at the right time. I kept the proper length of sleep and its regularity. It can be a good idea to buy a watch that monitors sleep quality.

Mental health

Unfortunately, very few people realize how difficult it is to get back to daily routine after a serious illness. I won’t lie. Recovery after chemotherapy isn’t easy. Many people get depressed. Remember that it is normal for you to feel dejected and do not be afraid to ask for help.

I started practicing yoga. When my immunity level increased enough for me to stay among people, I signed up for rehabilitation yoga. It is adapted individually to someone’s needs.

Spiritual health

Set a clear, achievable goal. Often we do not realize how strong we are and how much we are able to achieve. I wanted to return to work during the year. It was done after less than 8 months.

It’s worth finding a hobby. I spent most of my time at home. That’s why I could spent more time on learning French. Regular attendance would be too tiring for me so I bought access to online course. In this way I finished level A2 in 9 months.

If I could give some extra advice, I would say – be positive.

If you went through hard times in your life, try to draw conclusions and be stronger. See the bright sides. The day I found out that the cancer has disappeared I recognize as my #rebirth. I celebrate this day not only because it is very joyful, but also to remember what really matters in life. Cancer or any other trauma can mean the end of old life. But it can also be a new beginning for something beautiful.

This choice is entirely up to you! – here you’ll find out how to survive chemo.



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